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We are not a Ponzi scheme/ pyramid scheme/ chit fund/investment company. There are no easy money/ Get rich schemes. To become a Navasmi independent Direct Seller(IDS)/direct seller, you do not need to pay any entry/ registration/ enrolment/ membership fee, cost of sales demonstration equipment or other material or any other fee. Becoming an independent Direct Seller(IDS)/direct seller is just subject to KYC approval. We offer you value money products and our sole aim is sales of goods. You are going to purchase products from Navasmi for your self usage, there is no promise of any investment or expectation of any kind of return to you from your purchase Navasmi by GCS Retail Pvt. Ltd. is a direct selling entity and just by purchasing a product does not entitle you to get any income. To receive commission, you need to become independent Direct Seller(IDS)/direct seller by obeying necessary guidelines. All income /commission/remunerations are ONLY sales based. There is no salaried job or employment for Navasmi independent Direct Seller(IDS)/direct seller. An independent Direct Seller(IDS)/direct seller can earn only by selling Navasmi products. There shall be no income in case of no sale by an independent Direct Seller(IDS)/direct seller. The products and invoices are issued post payment, product receipt confirmation and verbal confirmation on Tele calling from the customer. The company priority is to provide best purchase experience and to avoid any misunderstanding /wrong commitments at the time of sale, you can ask for a refund if you want to. The refund takes about 30 days after your bank account details verification and it shall be automatically transferred into your bank account. Direct sellers/ independent Direct Seller(IDS) are not authorized to collect cash on behalf of Navasmi/GCS retail Pvt. Ltd.